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Our specialist live-in care services in Bristol will ensure that you or your loved ones will maintain their independence whilst in the comfort of their own homes.

Many of our home carers have been with us for years and are very well-known to us. You can trust that our biggest priority is providing you with excellent care and companionship.

Some of our Bristol live-in carers will have nursing backgrounds whilst others hold NVQ qualifications. We always look for carers who are cheerful, warm, honest and trustworthy. Above all our carers respect every client’s dignity and privacy.

Before you are allocated a carer we will always visit you in your home, hospital or care home as the first step. This is so we can understand your individual needs and ensure we find the right type of carer for you based on your requirements.

To contact us simply fill out the form below, or call our office on 01179 860710.

Our Live-In Care Services in Bristol

Respite Care

Respite care is short term care that you can call upon when you need it. For example, if an emergency situation should arise or you’re returning home after an operation and need extra support.

Respite care is also often used to provide a break for people who are caring for family members or loved ones. It can be extremely difficult to provide constant care for someone if you are not a full-time carer – no matter how much you love them. If you are a carer for someone then it is important to take care of yourself as well. This includes taking short breaks to recharge and respite care is a great way to do that.

We differentiate to other care homes who offer respite care as our live-in care allows you or your loved one to remain in your home and avoid the stress and difficulty of having to move for a short period of time.

For more information on respite live-in care, you can click here.

Night Care

Overnight care can come in a number of different forms, the most common being ‘sleepovers’ and ‘waking nights’. The type of care will depend on the individual’s specific needs.

Waking night care involves the carer remaining awake throughout the night, ready to provide care and support at any time. Sleepover care involves the carer staying overnight and being on hand if needed.

Overnight care can provide you comfort in knowing that someone is close by.

For more on our night care services, you can click here.

Live in Care for the Elderly

As we get older, life can become more challenging and daily tasks take longer and become a nuisance. If you find yourself no longer doing the things you enjoy because they have become too hard to continue, then it can mean it is time to start considering your care options.

We understand that choosing to remain at home is a preference as it allows you to stay in your own environment and continue to live your life as normal as possible. A live-in carer can make it possible to stay in the comfort of your own home as you age.

Our Bristol carers will provide home care for support, companionship and friendship and also personal care.

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24-Hour Care

24-hour care is ideal for those who want to remain in the comfort of their own home but need round the clock assistance. This can be due to ageing, disabilities or serious illness. In contrast to care or nursing homes, 24-hour care allows you to live as independently as possible, meaning your familiar day-to-day routines can be followed.

Our Bristol live-in carers will work with you to find out exactly what you need and will make sure you are able to remain at home safely and securely. Our carers are also committed to supporting your independence, dignity and respect.

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Our Specialist Live-In Care Services in Bristol

Dementia Care

We know how difficult it is when a loved one is diagnosed with Dementia or Alzheimer’s. The progression can be both distressing and alarming to both the person living with the illness and their family.

Dementia can often be difficult to understand, but people living with the illness often need a great deal of reassurance and support. This is where a live-in carer can be beneficial. Staying in your familiar surrounds will make you feel more secure and supported, with reassurance and consistency.

All our specialist live-in carers in Bristol are qualified in mental health or highly trained and experienced in care for all aspects of mental health when regarding Dementia.

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Palliative Care

Palliative care is often known as end of life care and can be an extremely difficult topic to discuss. It is specialised live-in care for people with terminal or serious illnesses, focusing on relief from stress, symptoms and pain associated with the illness.

Whilst many of us associate this type of care with a hospice, palliative care at home is becoming increasingly popular as it allows people to remain in the place they feel most comfortable.

All our carers are well committed to helping anyone facing end of life to be comfortable and well cared for in their own home. Some of our Bristol carers have nursing backgrounds, whilst the others have broad experience in palliative care.

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Cancer Care

Dealing with an illness such as cancer can be one of the biggest challenges any individual can face. We can provide you and your loved ones live-in support when you need it most.

Cancer can make managing everyday activities and tasks seem difficult and can even affect memory. Our carers can support you through at-home care that enables you to continue to live at home during your treatments.

Palliative care for cancer is a difficult topic, but if you’ve reached the limit of the treatment options available, being able to live at home for as long as possible is often the most comfortable and personal choice.

Our cancer carers are trained to provide specialist and compassionate care at home.

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